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Mercury GT3 Tokyo,Japan
Mercury Z Project GT3
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Mercury Z Project GT3 Full Aero Body Kit


Product Description

Mercury Z Project GT3 Full Aero Body Kit

SSworxs is International Distributor Of Mercury Z project GT3 350z Full Aero kit.

Available from Mercury is 350z Z project Aero kit.

Mercury japan Full GT3 body kit for the nissan 350z ready for World Wide Distribution and sale

Tested and driven by D1gp drivers and formula D Japan Drivers.

Product Details

Full Front Diffuser.

Front Bumper Aero Duct Lip and

Front Bumper Air Ducts

Front Fender Flares with Side Fender Fins

Side Step diffuser

Rear Fender Flares

rear Bumper Side Fins

Rear Carbon Garnish

Number Protector

Rear Spoiler

Rear Diffuser

Kits For Coupe and Convertable models 2003-2009 Nissan 350z models.

Professional Installation is required for best results.

Installation Advisory Click here before purchase

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全世界でも人気のあるZ-Carを、さらにワイド&ロー化を実現いたしました。さらに、空気抵抗を考慮しサーキット通用デザインとなっているので、本物のZ-Carのポテンシャルを実感したい方におすすめします。 経験豊富な専門のメカニックが、腕によりをかけてあなたのZを進化させます