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Mercury Z Project Front Bumper Duct Lip

Mercury Z Project Front Bumper Duct Lip

$530.00 $500.00


Product Description

Mercury Z Project Front Bumper Duct Lip

Mercury Z Project Front Bumper Duct Lip

Exclusive Front bumper duct Lip for the nissan 350z z33 Fairlady.

Fits Coupe or Convertibles.

Uses OEM Bumper that Will Need Triming to fit the factory bumper.

Giving more air flow for your turboCharge or supercharger setup.

Material is FRP High Quality Fiberglass

Made In Japan

Created and tested by D1gp and Formula D Japan Drivers ! 

Created To bring the full potential of the Z33 With our Aerodynamics tested with the passion of

world Class Circuit to High Speed Drifting.

Professional Body Shop Or Installation is Required for best results!

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latest updates and more pictures.

全世界でも人気のあるZ-Carを、さらにワイド&ロー化を実現いたしました。さらに、空気抵抗を考慮しサーキット通用デザインとなっているので、本物のZ-Carのポテンシャルを実感したい方におすすめします。 経験豊富な専門のメカニックが、腕によりをかけてあなたのZを進化させます。