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Mercury GT3 Tokyo,Japan
Mercury Z Project 350z Front Fenders
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Mercury Z Project 350z Front Fenders 80mm


Product Description

Mercury Z Project 350z Front Fenders 80mm

Mercury Z Project 350z Front Fenders

Exclusive Aero. for the nissan 350z z33 Fairlady.

Fits Coupe or Convertibles.

wide body fenders to give you the clearance needed for wider wheels for traction or 

from extra angle for drifting 

using the Oem fenders 

Requires you for cut into your OEM fenders 

High Recommended for a professional auto body shop for installation and best results

Or an overall aggressive time attack car / Style to your z33 Fairlady.

Material is FRP High Quality Fiberglass

Includes –  1x LEFT Fender and 1x Right Fender with left and right bumper cap!

80mm Wide! 

Made In Japan

Created By Mercury Japan.

Tested by D1gp and Formula D Japan Drivers

Created To bring the full potential of the Z33 With our Aerodynamics tested with the passion of

world Class Circuit to High Speed Drifting.

Professional Body Shop Or Installation is Required for best results!

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latest updates and more pictures.